Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Times 10k & 5k

Mile 1039, Tempe, AZ -
The New Times 5k and 10k races are probably the biggest races in the Phoenix area for these distances. It's pretty cool, because the 5k is run at 7:45 and the 10k is run 45 minutes later. You can run both races for just $8 more.

Last year I ran just the 5k in 34 minutes for a PR. I have since run faster 5k's, but I was hoping to do better than last years race, if my leg was willing.

On the map, the innner path is the 5k, while the 10k stays across the lake for a while. They played the National Anthem, which I wish they would at all the races and then we were off. Tigger was supposed to be here with his family, but I did not see him. There's thousands of people at this race. I started out pretty comfortable and was keeping right around a 10 minute pace over the bridge and back. Then we ran along the Rio Salado Parkway, which is the final mile in the PF Chang's half. It brought back fond memories. There was a kid that could not have been older than 8 sprinting past everyone and then walking. We would yo yo with him most of the race. He was hanging in there pretty good. Not sure when he finished. I finished under 33 minutes, but the official time is out yet.

You have to tell the chip removal team that you are running in the next race, so they don't take your ankle chip. I then had about 10 minutes to get a bite to eat and go to the porta potties. I got a blueberry muffin from Sweet Tomatoes. The lines for the can was incredible long. I ended up not going at all.

Check out the roadrunner statue in downtown Tempe. I thought it was pretty cool.

Here's a picture before the 5k. As I finished up the 10k racers were already lined up, so we got lots of cheers from the crowd.

Most of the runners do the 10k. I stood on the sidewalk at the start and just saw wave after wave of runners go by.

After a while, I jumped in and began my second race of the day. My leg was still feeling pretty good and I was hoping to get a good run in.

Until about a mile into the 10k. My calf started to bother me. Instead of agrivating it, I chose to do a very conservative walk/run pace.

This is a photo of the start of the 10k. The topless lady with the white headband must have been cold.

My splits:

5k mile 1: 10.00
mile 2: 10.45
mile 3: 10.17
1/10: 51 seconds at a 8.32 pace
unofficial time: 31.53
Official Time: 32.23

10k mile 1: 10.21
mile 2: 12.02
Mile 3: 13.26
Mile 4:12.34
Mile 5: 12.00
Mile 6:12.44
2/10: 4.19 for a 10.31 split.
unofficial time: 1.16.37
Official Time: 1:16:02

I was conservative for about a mile. I found Mark, a friend in the pack. He was nursing a sore knee, I was nursing a sore calf, so we ran and talked for awhile. We parted ways with about 2.5 miles left and I started running a bit faster. I continued to do a run/walk and talked with a few folks along the way. Again, there were lots of folks around the finish for my second run through. I ran a bit faster, but I kept repeating to myself - "Don't push it. Don't push it." I didn't want to do anymore damage to my calf.

Lisa ran the 10k with a friend, but I didn't see her either. The 10k race ran past the finish line of the full marathon. Each time I was on the marathon course I thought about Pokey, who's running her first half out at Big Sur. I hope she had a super day.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations Pat! It's awesome that you finished both the 5K and 10K with your sore calf. I hope it continues to heal so you can keep up with your race schedule.

J~mom said...

Geesh Pat we finished so close and still didn't see you! Next year we need to set a meeting place! I wanted you to meet Joni. She wants to come to TRC sometime.

Congrats on two fantastic races today!!! Your times are great!! I loved your report with the photos! It was amazing to see all of those people at the 10K, wasn't it?

I checked on our girl and she did awesome!!! :>)

Irene said...

That's a really great concept with the two races.

Congratulations on BOTH races! Take care of that calf!

Dan Seifring said...

5K and a 10K you are a mad man Pat.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Pat! That's an awesome feat to do both!

J-Wim said...

You didn't mention that you ran with that guy from Fall Out Boy.... great Race Report.
Blueberry muffins = yummy.

Anonymous said...

good work. Well i run my first 10k, promised myself, and my supporting family to do that under 1 hour, however my official score is 1:00:16. grrrr. lets exchange links, and hopefully i will see you in my neighbourhood for Gilbert Island 5k, or just for morning run around the islands....

Jeff said...

Way to go Pat on the double finish. Glad you were able to get through both without killing the calf!

P.O.M. said...

Great job!

And what is it with the hair kids are rockin' these days? Oh, and the tight skinny pants and eyeliner on boys? Sheesh.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great job Pat. Not sure back to back races would ever occur to me.

Love the comment about the girl with the headband!!

I can't wait to see how Pokey did. Looks like Lisa talked to her. YEAH!

K80K said...

Congrats on your races! You definitely kicked my butt in the virtual 5K this weekend. :D

Marcy said...

OMG Pat, I am DYING over the topless lady comment. Ooooohhhhhhh Lord!!! ROFLMAO!

Sweet job homie!! You rock!!! ;D ;D ;D

Pokey said...

AWESOME job Pat!

Glad to see you and Lisa both held up your end of our mileage requirements last weekend! ;)

Randy said...

Hey Pat...I'm so bad I finally got to read your "story" that you had was are a great writer...I so want to write a book someday....not sure if it would be fiction or real...but it's just one of those things on your list of 101 things to do before you die...keep up the great work.....way to run are awesome...

Margie said...

Congrats on running back to back races but I'm starting to get worried. Where are you?

Emil Von Runner said...

Awesome Races Pat! But my Pat content is getting low, I need a refill.

Hayashi Silver Dragons said...

Pat - great job with doing the 5K & 10K. I struggled with just the 10K! I hope that leg is feeling better! I have slacked off all week complaining about my knee. I need to just get off the couch and stop complaining :-)Only 5 more races for me this year (but one is a half-marathon!)