Friday, November 30, 2007

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Click on the photo below and you'll see how I made the Christmas card in an earlier post just for you, my faithful readers.

Another song for my post title. Don't worry Irene, it's a temporary thing. Here's the youtube to activate while you read the rest of this random post.

Yes, it's raining in Chandler, Arizona. I can't remember the last time it rained any signicant amount, but I would guess it was over 3 months ago. I've only ran in the rain twice. Tomorrow might be the third time. That's my front yard in the foreground. You can see it's crushed granite with a faux creek in the middle. Across the street you can see an Ocotillo. It's a sort of cactus that grows around here.

This is the water retention park. We don't have storm sewers around here. The parks just fill with water. Amy just called me for dinner. The rest of this post will be done shortly.

This map is for Lisa and Karen - The Tumbleweed Running Club. We shall meet at 7 am tomorrow morning at Kiwanis Park. Park near the tennis courts and we can run past our cars to restock.

I read an article in the Arizona Republic about Chandler's Vice Mayor Lowell Huggins. He run's his family barbershop that has been in Chandler for over 50 years. It's a Chandler landmark and I need a cut, so off I went. It really is an old time barber shop. Lowell wasn't there, but Della and Tracy were and they took good care of me.

Finally, a picture of the Risk board right before my daughter, Emily beat me. She's the blue army and I am the red army. See my one army on Eastern Austrailia. She has about 50 armies on Western Australia.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice haircut!! My Dad has been a barber for 50 years, also. It is quite a walk back into time to go to his shop.

I love the card. You are so funny! Not so good at Risk though :D

J~mom said...

I loved this post now that I had time to go back and read it! How long did the risk game take?

Irene said...

Me worry? I stole the idea from someone else!

Nice hair cut!

Vanilla said...

The Merry Christmas thing is awesome. Did you really run that with your Garmin? Did you have to walk it? I'd have to walk it to make sure I didn't screw it up.

Pat said...

Vanilla - I ran it really slow. At some points I had to run backwards and twice I had to wait for cars to pass. I wonder what they thought of me?

Jeff said...

Finally catching up. . . is that a noose hanging above your head in the upper left corner of the picture?

Pat said...

that's what it looks like, Jeff.

Cheryl said...

I don't know how I missed this post before, but just found it today. I can't believe you actually ran that Merry Christmas! That is so cool. I was waiting and wondering if you were going to reveal how you did it. Pretty amazing!