Sunday, November 04, 2007

Runner's Lounge

have you checked out Runner's Lounge yet? Tom and Amy up in Iowa started it and it's a pretty cool place to go. I'm in two groups there. One is a weight loss group. I'm sure they're going to give me the boot soon, I haven't loss much. The other group, I started. It's a virtual 5k race.

here's how it works. If you run in a real 5k race or any race that gives you your 5k split you enter that time and run against your friends. This way I can compete with a fellow blogger like Obrats, eventhough we aren't in the same state. Of course, he'll dust me, but that's part of the fun. If you'd like to be apart of our virtual racing, check it out. There's winners every week!

If you visit RL, you'll notice I go by Meep Meep. It's the same name I go by when I'm posting on the Runner's World Forum. Get it, meep meep is the sound the road runner makes as he's passing that pesky coyote.


Amy said...

So what do I get if I am last each week? :} I was running today and my son saw me and said, "whatca' doing mom?" "I said - running (like duh!)" are going so slow..... Yep - just the encouragement I needed.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the link, MeepMeep. I'm in. Just call me "MarshB".

Dan Seifring said...

Thanks for the reminder Pat. I am a member but don't go there as often as I should.

J~mom said...

Same as Dan, I need to spend some time over there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! I came across your site while searching for places to run while in Chandler this weekend...coming in for a conference and staying at The Raddisson....any help anyone has would be great! Looking for 6-10 miles. Or any quick hike close by.
Thanks so much for your help!