Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Season to Run

Mile 1071, Chandler,AZ -I don't have all your addresses, so here's a Christmas card from The Monahan's to all our running blogging friends. Can you guess how I made the christmas card above?
Saturday was spent hauling christmas boxes out of the garage to the living room and then putting the plastic tree together, hanging the lights that I can never seem to get all lit on the tree and putting christmas decorations all around the living room. It looks really nice and I'm glad I did it. But, I haven't been in the living room since and that's where all the decorations are. I can't even go buy a gallon of that peppermint chip ice cream and sit in their watching the lights go on and off.

So, I did the next best thing. I decorated my blog. I hope you like the picture of the running santas from Las Vegas. This Saturday they are competeing with liverpool, England to see who can set a worlds record for the most running santas.

Oh yeah, I got a 10 1/2 mile run in with the gals - Karen and Lisa on saturday morning. It was a good run with lots of talk, but we didn't get lost or run over, so not much to mention. It was cold, but no snow, just a bit below 50 to start.

Tonights run was done all by my lonesome. I ran around the neighborhood and then over to Desert Breeze Lake, around it 1 1/2 times and then back home for 5.27 miles in 59:01. A pace of 11:11. It's funny, my garmin data is stored on software from two different compaines- Garmin Training Center and SportsTrack. I get two different readings. SportsTrack is always a few tenths of a mile better.

The Biggest Loser Fantasy League

I guess because of the writer's strike we get 2 hours of BL every week. I'm liking it a lot. Bryan, I'm sad to say has been voted off. He impressed me a lot. There's just 6 players left.
Last week I made a math error. Since Kae was eliminated I forgot to give Bob her last few pounds. Of course, those pounds meant the difference between 2nd place an first for Bob. Jeff is in second and both of them have the same two players - Neil and Isabeau. There's no way for Jeff to pass Bob. If Neil gets eliminated than I might have a chance to pass both of them. but, it looks like the fantasy league will finish with Bob first, Jeff second and me third.
Click on the BL fantasy league to get the up to the minute standings.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Is that card an elevation chart?? It wouldn't surprise me. The santa shot is absolutely adorable. Love it!!

Irene said...

Wow, Pat! You have the most decorated blog on the block! I need to keep up. All I have is a Christmas Tree "days 'til Christmas" counter.

Love the Christmas card! I'd say it definitely represents you!

Your runs keep getting better and better!

Moon said...

omg, that GPS is amazing! Your runs always look like so much fun :)

Darrell said...

Sorry, I'm so far behind but I love the holiday spirit.

Good luck with the half next weekend.

J~mom said...

Tell me you didn't run that? Love the new topper! Looks great! I need to add some creativity to my blog.

Jeff said...

Love your new decor!

Be careful Pat, the two guys at the top of the Biggest Loser list are both on injured reserve. Not a club you want to join! Congrats to Emil!

Margie said...

How did I lose Hollie?

Cheryl said...

Love the running Santas! And how DID you do that Merry Christmas?!

In Biggest Loser, was it Hollie that jumped in the pool and smashed her teeth? Ouch. Big lesson for everyone--- never dive in the shallow end. She's lucky she didn't break her neck! Whew.

Database Diva said...

Hi Pat, we ran the Great Santa Run in Las Vegas last year. We are doing it again this year. Imagine being on Freemont Street with 3,000 Santas! It was a lot of fun, and the money raised goes to support Opportunity Village, a non-profit that services people who are developmentally disabled.

Don't be too surprised when a similar photo shows up on my blog next week ;)