Friday, November 02, 2007

Running in Chandler, AZ

Two neighborhood kids. their mom is really good at this type of thing.

It's an owl.

My wife's pumpkin creation

tigger's pumpkins, pumpkin pictures needed?


I can't believe it is November already. 2.5 months from the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon and I just cranked out a 105 mile month. I'm hoping to top 110 miles this month and 120 miles in December. Along the way I hope to shed some pounds so that my first marathon will go smoothly. Here's some data from RunningAhead, if you are interested. is a free site that will allow you to keep all your data. It's great.

Last nite I ran around the block and then I ran around someone else's block and continued that until I got my 6 miles in. I started off fast hoping to keep a 10 minute pace for more than a mile. Oh well, I did about 90% running and enjoyed the run. I put a reese's pb cup in my fanny pack and got to eat it at the 3 mile mark. It was pretty good. I did have a little issue with my left calf and my right quad. The left calf is still bothering me today. I'll take the day off and see how it is tomorrow morning when the Tumbleweed Running Club meets again to run the canal.

Friday afternoon I got to eat lunch with a couple of PF Chang bloggers. Karen, from the TRC and Eric or Tigger met me and my wife at PF Chang's in Tempe. We got to meet each other and talk about running.
Once A Runner by John L. Parker jr is very much in demand. You can read about it in December's Runner's World magazine. It's selling for over $200 on ebay and is no longer in print. Does anyone have a copy? I'd love to borrow or rent it.


J~mom said...

What about that bookstore at Guadalupe and McClintock? They can get rare books for you.

I hope you had a great lunch, sorry to miss it!

Dan Seifring said...

1. You neighbor should work in Hollywood as a makeup artist. She is good.

2. Great month of running and good luck for Nov. and Dec.

3. I learn something new everyday. I had no idea about that book.

J-Wim said...

OOOH I read that article and excerpt...... if you find a copy, you should pass it around, I need a good read!

Jeff said...

Ditto on the book -- just read the same thing in RW. Was thinking about checking out my local used book store.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome makeup work and pumpkin designs.

The time between now and P.F. Chang's will go SO FAST. I am glad to be not training this year, but sad to not heading out there for a third year. Keep up the great work!