Thursday, August 28, 2008

Air Force 5k

I can't wait for the Air Force 5k on September 20th. I have to drive down to Tucson for the race, but click on the photo to see the course. It's in the Pima Air Museum and among the planes. I get a tee, breakfast and I get to visit the museum. This is too cool.

Last night I ran to the lake and back. 3.6 miles. Another storm was coming in, so I got lots of cool breeze. It was a cool 91 degrees. It was another Nike HumanRace training nite and a couple of ladies passed me. As they passed, they said to me, "you're almost there". Thinking I was doing the training run too. I told them I wasn't one of them, I was just beginning my run.

On the diet front I am holding steady the past few days. I gained one pound - who can gain on atkins? I can. But, I've been faithful and should see some pounds dropping.

Holding steady at 228.

It's Thursday morning and I weighed in at 225.5. Not sure why I can go 3-4 days and not lose anything and then drop 2.5 pounds overnight? I think my scale has a mind of it's own. That means I gone from 235 to 225.5, almost 10 pounds, in 13 days. GO ATKINS!

Reid over at Lifestrides is doing a virtual mile. I plan on running in it and I hope all of you do as well. He's got a pretty cool running history too, so you might want to read some of his older posts.


Reid said...

Thanks for mentioning my race, Pat! I was just in Tucson last weekend for a race. This looks like a really cool 5k. Good luck with that!

J~Mom said...

That 5K looks cool! I can't wait to hear about it!

Jeff said...

Looks like a fun 5k. Are you really running in between the Air Force jets?