Friday, August 01, 2008

August 2008 is going to be a great month!

April thru July have not been big number months for me running wise. I'd like to give you a good excuse, but I'll jus say that running wasn't my top priority. In August it's going to be my top priority. See the graph below, it's not a pretty picture.

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Tonight I got in a good 1 hour workout. Some running, some walking, all moving. I decided to do 1 hour runs and see how far I can get. The last two runs were just over 4 miles. It was around 7:30 when I started running. Light, but the sun was setting. Check out the temperature. A beautiful 101 degrees in the desert.

Here's another vacation shot. Beautiful Durham Bulls Stadium. On the last day of our vacation, It took in a Durham v. Louisville Bats baseball game. The stadium is fabulous. The left field fence is called the "Blue Monster" and I think it's the same height as Boston's fence. Sorry about the reflection of the glass. Can you guess what floor I'm on, when I took the picture?

Last, but not least. Good luck to Ken Griffey, jr. One of my favorites. Ken and I grew up in Cincinnati when we were kids. No, we didn't know each other, but we did live about 3 miles apart. Jr is now a member of the Chicago White Sox. Let's hope "The Kid" helps his new team win their second world series this decade.


Firefly's Running said...

I am not happy with the trade to the White Sox. It's not good news for the Twins at all.

Nice job at attempting to keep up with the running.

Irene said...

You're ahead of me. I don't get to run until fall, sometimes.

Happy running!

Anonymous said...
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J~Mom said...

August is going to be a great month!