Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Human Race 10k

My wife comes home and tells me there all kinds of people running in our neighborhood. I push out my chest and proudly say it's about time the neighbors take my lead and start running too. No, she says. There's signs saying, "The Human Race".

So, I get in my SUV and go find the runners. Turns out, the Finish Line in the mall is sponsoring training runs in my neighborhood. They start at the mall and run around our house. So, come Saturday morning I will be up at the mall around 8 am to run with these fine people.

You've probably seen the ads for The Human Race 10k in Runner's World. Nike wants everyone around the world to run a 10k on 8/31/2008. Check it out at

I ran tonight. I ran over to The Finish Line in the mall to get info on the training runs. Then I ran around the mall. It actually was a good place to run. Not a lot of traffic and there's a sidewalk around most of the building. I even got to run down along the dancing water fountain. 3.53 miles later I was back at home to watch The Usain Lighting Bolt run the 200 meters. He's fast.


Jeff said...

It's starting to feel like that old blogger Pat is back. Before long, we'll have contests to see who can do the most interesting run, craziest run, wierdest run (as if a few thousand people running through Pat's neighborhood isn't wierd enough!)

Nice job on the running, weight loss and of course, on the blogging, Pat!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, you were wondering who was intruding on your turf! The Sharks and the Jets, a true West Side Story.

Marathoner in Training said...

Glad to see you are back to running. Keep up the weight loss.

J~Mom said...

What? You are having an affair and running with others? Whatev! ;>)