Sunday, February 25, 2007

500 Miles and I'm still going

When I first started running I wanted to get to 100 miles. I got there and then it seemed like 200 came quickly afterwards. So I thought to myself I want to be somewhere neat when I reach 500 miles. Today, February 25th, 2007 Ireached 500 miles and when I turned around this is what I saw.

My car is at the other end of this road. Actually, only 2.5 miles away. Parked at the Dash In Gas Station. Thanks for not towing it. I was at the base of the Superstition Mountains. I'd love to tell you I celebrated at this point. But, the truth is I was in the middle of my run and I forgot that I had reached a milestone. Today I ran for 5.31 miles in hilly conditions. I had to wander thru the desert, at times on unmarked trails and up and down hills on mostly dirt roads. I had a blast.

Some of the run was on the very same roads I ran the half marathon on just a week ago. It took me 1:10:18 to do this run. I had a major walk in the middle as I was in the desert looking for a road. I wasn't lost. I knew to keep the Superstitions behind me and to walk in a NW fashion and I would either hit the Lost Dutchman Boulevard or Idaho Road. Either way, I could get to the Dash In from their.

It was nice to be back running in Apache Junction just one week after the half marathon. What brought me back? Work. I found a great condo for a client of mine. They needed a home to stay during the winter. They live in Payson, AZ up in the mountains and had lived in AJ before. We met and looked at this condo. They loved it. We needed to write a contract on it, but where? They suggested the Apache Junction Dog Track. So we ended up there. There are no races anymore, but they do have a lounge and they do similcast other races. We had plenty of room to make an offer, then we parted ways and I went to get my run in. Here's some pix of the former race track.

Those are bleachers on the roof. We were inside, but didn't bet on any of the races.

The infield is back to desert, but the track looked pretty good. You can see it in the foreground with the scoreboard further back. When I get more time, I will get some better pictures. It's a pretty cool place.
Just another day in my life. Thanks for visiting.


J~Mom said...

I had no idea they had a track there.

Congrats on hitting 500 miles!!!!!!! Amazing!!!

I agree with what you wrote in my "How it began" post, we have been on a similar path. It's been a great one, hasn't it?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for 500 miles!

i love running in the Supes. i did some climbing out in lost dutchman state park, so beautiful.

Michelle said...

Here's to another great 500 miles!!