Thursday, February 15, 2007

Young Pat

This is my wife, Amy and I around 1986 at the wedding of our friends, Debbie and Steve. It was in Tacoma, Washington. I don't know what I weighed back then, but I'd love to be at that weight now. I wouldn't mind being 25 again, either. Mike up in Wisconsin puts in older pictures of him and his wife and I thought I should too. Until today, I never used my scanner. It's pretty simple.

I ran today for 1 hour. I set my Ipod Nike + for an hour and ran until it told me to stop. I made it 4.96 miles. And yes, I did stop a couple times to take a drink, pee and put on a baseball cap.

Jenny, The learnedfoot.

I follow a lot of blogs. Most of them because they are runners that might be around my age, or may need to shed a few pounds, or have had success at getting healthier. Some blogs are runners that are inspiring because their fast or can run forever. Some blogs are just in neat parts of the world or the writer is just plain interesting. Jenny in Cleveland is just plain interesting. She's a great runner too. She puts up ungodly amounts of mileage every week. She's into Indians baseball (ok, we can't all be perfect), horse racing and is a big time civil war historian. Her blog is just so interesting. Yesterday, she told the world that she has Hodkin's Disease. She has a mass that has grown near her stomach, that she calls lumpy. I believe HD is a form of lymphoma, but i d0n't know much about it. My heart goes out to Jenny, because she is just so postive. The Runner's World forumites are all behind her and she has people from all over the world praying for her. I hope you all will pray for Jenny too.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is the largest supporter of marathon runners in the world. They have the Team In Training program that I was a part of in my Rock and Roll Half Marathon last month. If you get a chance, please support someone who's running in an event to raise money for this great cause. Or, better yet, run with Team In Training and raise money too. We need to eliminate blood cancers as soon as possible.

On Sunday I will run in my second half marathon, the Lost Dutchman event in Apache Junction, ARizona. I will wear my Leukemia Society marathon shirt and I will run it in Jenny's honor.


J~Mom said...


Thank you for sharing about Jenny. I will go and read her blog. I am really thinking about joining TNT. Maybe you can talk me into in the next month or two.

I am totally up for those Saturday runs but I have three kids playing soccer starting in a month so days are going to be kind of hit or miss but lets try it! I think we could form our own running club. RBF running club.

I love the pic of you from 86!! Thanks for sharing!

Good luck this weekend!

bigmike600 said...

I can not believe how fast your times are getting. You have really come a long way. Won't be long and you will be doing 20 min 5K's. You and your wife look great together. It is fun for me to look back when I was bigger and how my brain thought I really was not that big. I never thought of myself as a big person until I lost the weight and looked back at the pictures. Always nice to see where you have come from. Keep up the good work.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck on Sunday, Pat. That's so awesome that you are running in honor of Jenny.

Adama Anderson said...

I randomly came across another Arizona runner! Good luck in the half marathon tomorrow, I'll be running the 10K, I was going to upgrade to the half-marathon tomorrow being my first, but I'm going to wait a bit. I wish you a lot of luck.