Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost Dutchman Photos

These are the beautiful Superstition Mountains. I feel priveldged to get to see them on most days. I'm gonna have to run near them more often.

This is the view of the lead runner. If you've never lead a half marathon, you've never seen this. I got to for less than a minute. Then over the next 2 hours, 544 runners passed me by.

These are the runners behind me when I took the lead. As you can tell, all the faster runners took the wrong turn. We were just fortunate enought to be pointed in the right direction.

This road is only about 35-45 minutes from my house. I will diffently run it more often. At this point it's a dirt road and the traffic is sparse.

Here I am around mile 8 or 9. The lady with the lobster hat is from Las Vegas. I joked that the best part of the picture was that I was ahead of her, so she took off and I never saw her again.
Unfortunately, some of my pictures did not develop. I had a great picture of me with Teton, the prospector, his big ass (mule) and his dog. I'll have to get it again next year.


J~Mom said...

Great pictures, Pat! I love the lady in the lobster hat!

Phil said...

Great pictures Pat! Thanks for sharing them with the world. The more people get to see just how beautiful our state is the better.

I loved your comment that start with, "If you've never lead a 1/2 marathon ... ". I'd wager to say few if any of us will ever get the chance you had to "lead" a 1/2 marathon. Heck I lose site of the leaders in a 5K after the first quarter mile and I'm running as fast as I can.

Valerie & Kiera said...

Congratulations on a great half!

Happy Running!

Irene said...

Just beautiful! Now, that would have been a run to be at!

Congratulations on you PR!