Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't gotten to visit other blogs and comment on them like I have in the past. I've been busy. Sorry, but I still read all your blogs. A guy gotsta work afterall. The last half of 06 was slow in real estate, so I had plenty of time to blog, run and do other things. 07 has been very busy. I mean very busy. So work comes before blogging and running is right up there with work. Oh yeah, and the family is pretty important too.

The weekend was great. Our softball team won the second game in a row on Friday. We're 2-0 now and I finally contributed on the offense. I scored twice and hit a home run to right. I pitched, as I always do and almost lost it in the final inning. We were up by 5 and let them score 4. They had a runner on third with two outs. In coed softball the lineup alternates guy/girl. A guy was up and if he is walked with two outs, the next girl gets to go to first and he goes to second. But, we needed a force out so I intentionally walked them. It worked, as the next guy hit a bad pitch to our third baseman. Gina tagged the runner going to third and we won 12-11.

My knee has been hurtin' off and on for a month or more. It's the left knee that I hurt 25 years ago when I was a sophomore football player at Earlham College. It's the only part of my body that I have issues with. And it doesn't hurt when I run. Just when I'm sedentary. I'll sit at my computer and then can barely bend my knee when I get up. My client will go up stairs when I'm showing them homes and it'll take me forever to catch up. Today my client kept telling me to stay on the main floor. Well, I ran on Wednesday and took the next three days off. I thought it was better and I had a great run on Sunday. Ten miles, relatively no pain anywhere. Afterwards, it was if someone super glued my knee in place. Oh, the pain. But, after walking 10-15 feet, my knee would be ok. Today it was much better. So, should I run tomorrow? I've taken two days off in a row and it feels much better.


J-Wim said...

Sorry about the knees Pat, that's a bummer. Mike has been wearing ChoPat knee straps and that helped him out alot.
Is there a sports med doc in your area? Might be worth a consult.

J~Mom said...

Pat, I am so happy the real estate is going better. Get some of these houses sold in my neighborhood. ;>)

That is similar to what my knees did when I hurt them. Then one day I couldn't even run. If you do decide to visit a PT I went to a girl I really liked over on Chandler Blvd. that I can recommend. I hope it feels better soon so you don't have to see anyone!

Firefly's Running said...

I hope your knee feels better. Try to ice when you can. See the doc if it still bothers you during rest. Sounds like IT Band issues - same like me right now. Plus stretch very good.