Friday, March 09, 2007

And the Softball team wins again

So now St. Matthews UMC is 5 wins and 1 loss. We are tied for first place with Circle K Thirstbusters. We have a final game left with Circle K Diamond Dogs, or as I like to call them the Hot Dogs. The last three seasons we finished 2-5, so this is a big change for us.

Tonight we won 16-5. I must have had about 5-6 strikeouts and half of them were on guys. I really like striking out the guys. The ladies on our team are really playing well. We had three of them that couldn't make contact this time last year and all of them have improved immensely.

So it's 11:15 at night now and I was planning on doing a trail run tomorrow at 7 am. Can I get up 6 hours from now? Place your bets. Since I will be running alone, I'll decide tomorrow morning.

The Arizona Distance Classic is about one week away. Amy has a college friend in town and won't be making the trip to the Old Pueblo with me. So, do I really want to stay in a hotel by myself. I'm pretty frugal (read cheap). I have two options. One, I can drive down in the morning. It's only a bit more than an hour drive. There's parts of Phoenix that are almost just as far away. Two, I can camp at Catalina State Park. It's right next to the race. Amy thinks I'm crazy to be sleeping in a tent the night before a half marathon. What do you think campers? Should I camp with my son or stay in a cheap motel or drive down that morning?


J~Mom said...

If you can sleep when you camp then I would go for it. Personally I never get more then two or three hours in a tent. I am so glad my DH didn't know about the camping before we booked our hotel. LOL

If I was in your shoes I would probably drive down that morning. It's not that far and you can go to bed extra early the morning before.

Either way we will see you there!

J~Mom said...

Should have said go to bed extra early the NIGHT before.