Sunday, March 11, 2007

My All Time Five Favorite Runs

1. PF Chang’s Rock N’ Roll 2007 Half Marathon January, 2007

My first half marathon. Loved the crowds, atmosphere, bands and it was the first time I ran a long distance and not had to retrace my steps. It was from downtown Phoenix to ASU. The final 100 yards in front of thousands of people, with the announcer calling out my name is something I’ll never forget.

2. Lost Dutchman 2007 Half Marathon February 2007

Oh so scenic. Views of the Superstition Mountains, running thru the desert on dirt roads and hills. I even beat my time from the Rock N’ Roll half ran one month before.

3. Bumble Bee 2006 Big Balloon 5k in San Diego

Ran in downtown San Diego along the bay. At the start of the race, they had grandstands full of people getting ready to watch the parade for the Holiday Bowl (Texas A& M v. California) and we got to start the race in front of them.This was a PR too.

4. My First 10 miler in Gilbert 11/18/2006

Ran along the canal all by myself. I thought it was a big deal at the time to get into double digits. The last half mile, I had to cross Gilbert Road in middle of the Gilbert Days Parade. I even got a few cheers from people watching the parade as I ran right down the street between floats. For some reason there was a large gap at the perfect time.

5. First Run – June, 2006

For some reason, in the middle of the summer in Arizona (yes it was over 100 degrees), I put on my runnin’ shoes and ran about 1/10 of a mile. I finished walking around the block and was convinced I was a runner. Total mileage for that day was about ¾ of a mile and I haven’t looked back yet.

5. Run for Brooke, Sept., 2006

This is probably tied with my first run. Less than 3 months after my first run, I ran/walked my first 5k. I ran it in 42:15, but I felt great about it. I crossed the finish line, handed my camera to a spectator and then went and crossed it again to get a finish line picture.

Today’s Run:

I DNS’d two morning runs in a row, so I paid the price by running at 3 pm in the Arizona sun. It was in the mid 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. I just wanted to get in a 30-40 minute run and I did with a 30:15 for 2.56 miles. I could have gone further, but I was at my driveway and I was a bit concerned about my knee.

My Knee:

It used to hurt only when I first started walking. Getting up from my desk, car seat, etc. After I ‘loaded’ my knee 4-5 times the pain would go away and I’d be fine. Now it hurts then and for the first 3-4 minutes when I run. Then the pain goes away and I’m fine. I’ll ask about it when I see my doctor. I just got a blood test, so that she can tell me how well I’m doing lowering my cholesterol and weight. In the meantime, I will do the exercises that I found in the last issue of Runner’s World to strengthen my glutes, hips and quads and to stretch my IT band and other things.

Speaking of my legs, I went to see Body Worlds III at the Science Museum. I believe it is also in Dallas and Chicago. It is an amazing exhibit of the anatomy using real human cadavers. Yes, you see actual people that have donated there bodies to science. These bodies have had a type of plastic injected into them and you see them in different poses. If you get a chance, it is a most see. What impressed me most, was seeing an IT band. I’ve read about them in running articles, but to see one was pretty cool.


Phil said...

I think this is the first you've mentioned that your knee is hurting. Where is it bothering you?

bigmike600 said...

You are doing great. I have a surgically repaired knee and it hurts sometimes. I hope it never gets worse. I liked you postings. You have done a lot of five mile runs. I am hoping to do a 10K soon. I doubt Wisconsin can beat Ohio State without Brian Butch (he has an injured elbow and is doubtful for the tourney) I hope a big 10 team wins it all. We have a great conference this year.

Firefly's Running said...

Very nice job on this post!!

J~Mom said...

I can't wait to see Body World!!

I am sorry your knee is still bothering you. I hope you can figure out what is causing it!

Thanks for sharing your favorite runs.

RunnerGirl said...

I am sorry that your knee is giving you trouble.

I am very happy for you on your Feb Half Marathon time! You go Pat!!!! I am SO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!