Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Ostrich Festival 5k

Today was the running of the third annual Ostrich Festival 5k. The winner had a time of about 19 minutes. My time 31:13. Was it a PR? NO. For the first time ever I did not PR. Maybe that a sign of someone who's run a few races. I'm ok with it. It's 8 seconds off my 5k PR and I was surprised I ran a 31 minute race the last time. So, this is validation that I can run a race near 31 minutes. I always second guess the distance when my time seems really good.

Here's the Ostrich Race Tee. I guess it's the same teee they sell next week at the actual festival. This race was fun because it was two laps around the same course. I got to see the leaders coming back, going out and coming back again. The last lap I let the top 5 men and top 2 women know what place they were in. Hopefully, that's not cheating. I didn't know any of them.
There were no real ostrichs at this race. I got my picture taken with the festival mascot. Does anyone know how fast an Ostrich can run?

Here I am at the finish line. I am #100 which is pretty cool. The only other thing neat about this race was a backwards runner. Yes, there was a runner with a guide running the entire race backwards. And he finished ahead of me. Not sure on his time, but I bet he finished under 25 minutes.


Phil said...

Welcome to the real world Pat. You will not PR every race. Even when you get your times down to the low 20's you'll still have days that everything doesn't come together. The courses are different, the weather is always different, the amount of rest you got the night before is different, the people around you are different ... it's never the same.

That's why we tell you that your first objective is to have a good time. Run the best race you can on that day and enjoy yourself.

Still ... you are getting to be very consistent.

bigmike600 said...

Nice run. Looks like the weather was great. I am jealous. I think an ostrich can run about 35MPH.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job racing even without a PR. Very nice pictures.

J~Mom said...

You were right down the road and didn't even drop in for coffee. Humph. LOL

Great job on the run! I was out there running not too far from you but I had to get in my 10 today.