Friday, March 16, 2007

The Bridge to Terabithia

Hey, you gotta see this movie. It has running in it. Yeah, the two fastest kids in 7th grade become friends, knock off the bullies and create a world called Terabithia. And yes, the girl is the faster of the two.

I'm on my own road to Terebithia. It's called running and in just two days I'll be running in the third half marathon of the year. The Valley of the Gold Half in Oro Valley, Arizona (Tucson). My legs feel good. My knee is better (not perfect, but better) I got a good 5 miler in yesterday at an 11:48 pace (59:11) and I only stopped once (bathroom break). Good thing, I pass my house around the 1.3 mile mark.

Tonight is the final game of the season for our softball team. If we win, we will be the league champs (which means t-shirts for everyone). The game is at 6:30 at Kiwanis Parks SE field. Come on out and cheer us on. If you fly in for the game, let me know and I'll pick you up.

The knee feels better. It really only bothers me when I've been inactive and my knee has been at a 90* angle. Sitting in the car or at the computer is the worst. I get up and I look like an old man (insert joke here). But, after 5-7 steps, I'm good to go. When I'm running, the first 1/4 mile is slow and acky. But, after that I really don't notice anything. I've been doing some light strength exercises to build up the muscles around the leg. An article I read said the pain in your knee is sometimes just a warning that other muscles in your legs, butt and back aren't strong enough. These, exercises seem to work.

Update: I was walking in a townhome community, looking up at the second floor units trying to find unit numbers. Most of the paths are completely flat, but there is two steps. I didn't see the first one. As my left foot came down I hit it with my heel, missing most of the step, falling forward. My right ankle twisted and I started falling forward. Just three days before a half marathon and two days before the final game in our softball season and I. . .

had a big scare. I caught myself and all was fine. Of course, I looked around to see if anyone else saw my little adventure.

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Jenny (J-Wim) said...

Movie review is a nice addition Pat. You and Mike could be the new Siskal and Ebert!