Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big League Dreams

No running today. I spent the day doing a bit of real estate. Had to look at three homes for a client. Then I watched the FBR Open on TV. It was a great finish, as my man Phil Mickelson lost in sudden death. Finally, I watched the Super Bowl. They showed a blimp view of the stadium real early in the broadcast. It was dark, the lights were shinning, the ferris wheel was going. But, at my house 30 miles away it was still daylight. That just shows you the NFL can do amazing things.

Another amazing thing is the new 'Big League Dreams' in Gilbert, AZ. It is paradise for the adult softball player.


J~Mom said...

Wow, that softball park is awesome!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

That must have seemed strange to be just 30 miles away from all that. Doesn't surprise me at all that they were manipulating the images.

Hope you enjoyed your rest day!

Cheryl said...

The softball park is a brilliant idea. What a cool place to play!

Hope your knee gets better with a day off.