Tuesday, February 05, 2008

BlogWalkRun - Pat's Team

Here's our team stats. 209.7 team miles. The leader is Eric with 56.3 unbelievable miles. Way to go. Jeff, Cheryl, Karen, Lisa and Katie R. all posted plus 20 mile weeks.

Follow all the teams at the Walk Across Arizona Leaderboard.

Injury Report: My knee swelling has gone down considerably. Hopefully, I will get a run in this afternoon. It won't be long, but it will be needed.


J~Mom said...

Glad your knee is doing better!! Hope it does well on your run!

Cheryl said...

Wow, does that mean we are already almost halfway across Arizona? What a team!

I'm glad to hear your knee is doing better, too. Hope it continues to improve. Have a nice run.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Take is slow on that knee. :D

Jeff said...

Wow, team, way to go! We rock!