Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drops of Jupiter

Mile 1268, Chandler, AZ - My first run since this month and I was sweating drops of jupiter. Can you name the band on that song? Hint - the lead singer has the same name as me.

I just wanted to test the knee. 3 slow miles to Desert Breeze Lake and back. It turned into 3.45 miles in 42 minutes. About 1/3 of a mile in I noticed my left leg and foot felt way more tired than the right side. At around 2 miles I felt a slight needle type pain behind my knee. I think I was just noticing anything that could possible go wrong. Sort of like when you hear noises at night.

The real test is to see if my knee swells up tonight. If not, I'll probably do another 3 miler tomorrow and take it real slow.

Answer - Don't click on this if you don't want to know yet.
Wouldn't it be great if blogger remembered names, places and words that you previously linked to and would give you a drop down box to link to them again. I can't be the first one to think of this. Does anyone know a solution?


My Life & Running said...

Take.It.Easy.Pat!! I'm thinking your body might be telling you something with all these little injuries one right after the other?? Ohhh be careful of you!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

train! (the band, not regarding running)

taryn's right - take it easy!

Jeff said...

Nice run, Pat. Just take it slow. Don't want to do any serious long term injury. I feel the same way -- after 2 ankle injuries, every little tingle gets amplified.

Cheryl said...

Ooooh I know... Train! Oh, Angie already said that. My kids are always surprised when I know stuff like that. It comes from watching too much TV.

Nice run, Pat. Take it easy on your knee, tho.

Irene said...

Work is interfering with my blog reading...

I hope the knee will be OK!