Friday, February 15, 2008

Great week 2 everyone. We are now approaching the Old Pueblo, Tucson. Home of the University of Arizona and Suguaro National Park. It's a beautiful area with lots of great places to hike and run. Everyone on Amy's Team got into double digits with Robbie leading the way with 28 miles. Many of you are dealing with that last winter storm, so keep up the good work. Warmer weather will be with you soon.

Pat's team had a strong week too. Not as strong as week one, but some of us are still recovering from the Rock N' Roll Marathons. Katie out in Baltimore lead the way with 37.8 miles.

I will try to post updates on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week. This week was really hectic, hence the delay.


J~Mom said...

I hope it's a good hectic and that lots of townhouses are selling!

Thanks for the updates! Way to go teams!

Cheryl said...

I can't see your pictures or graphs or whatever it is. All I see is a red X, but it's probably my computer's fault. Anyway, congrats to Robbie and to Katy! Great mileage! I'm thinking I may start walking again this weekend. My mileage this week has been practically non-existant. Sorry, team! :-(

Pokey said...

I hope my team knocked down a ton of miles in Week 3....cause I didnt have a single one :( Sorry team!!!!

I promise to do better this week though!

And nice job on your home run, slugger! :)

You running with the angels on the 23rd???