Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Great Run!

I dropped my son off at 'Ninja Practice' and went for a run. Lately I've been able to run 2 to 2.25 miles straight before I've had to take any kind of walk break. Tonight I felt great after 2 miles, so I kept on running. Felt great after 3 miles, so I kept on running. Got on the junior high track and I kept on running. I ran 5.08 miles and a little over 1 hour without any walk breaks and I didn't seem out of breath. My legs felt great and my feet, although tired, felt great.

During my run I saw this chocolate lab running the other way. Nice dog, he didn't try biting me and he looked like he was having a fine time. About 10 minutes later I ran past his owner, looking for him. I told him where I saw him and said I'd keep an eye out for him. I was prepared to catch the poor guy and run him back home.

While I was running around the track I had the pleasure to see the newest Team In Training recruits doing their tempo runs. About 15-20 runners preparing to run either the Rock and Roll Marathon or the half marathon. Good luck Team!

You can click on the chart below to see where I ran. I think the only time I've run so far without a walk break was when I ran the marathon back in January.

We took a hike early during the vacation in a wetlands area. No trails, we had to follow some truck paths and then we had to blaze are on way. Our plan was to go to the Wabash River.

But, as we got closer to the river, the weeds and brush got higher and higher.

I'm in red saying, 'what did I get myself into'. That's Harry Potter with the binoculars. I wish he would have brought his wand instead.

Soon it was over our heads and all kinds of weeds were sticking to our shirts and hair. Pictured are daughter, Emily. Wife, Amy and BIL Doug.

As we got closer, we found lots of posion ivy and we decided to turn around. We never got to see the river. That's my son, Tyler. He and I were in charge of clearing the brush with our feet. Maybe that's were my feet started hurting.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Awesome run! I'd call 5 miles without a walk break a breakthrough. The fact that you felt great the whole way means you are really taken a big step in your running fitness. Good job!

Nat said...

Well, done on the 5 miler. (I have a hard time doing more than 3 without a break.)

Ninja practice... so stealing that.