Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Low!

I came back from vacation having gained 8 pounds and weighing 226. Now, six days later I weigh in at


42 pounds down from when I started running. Eleven down in just 6 days!

And I'm doing it without counting calories. I'm just restricting my carbs.

And running.

Lately, I've been eating bacon. Sprinkled on a salad or a couple strips for breakfast. I've also been eating peanuts in the shell. They have carbs, but I really like them for a snack. And my new found love is In and Out Double Double Protien style. That means no bun and wrapped in ice berg lettuce.
Picture for Marcy
When I was in Indiana, at an old bookstore near the campus of Purdue University, I thought of Marcy.

A bathroom shot. Or is it a storage room shot. This gives you the chance to pee and bag your own books at the same time. My first bathroom shot, just for Marcy.


Marcy said...

First, CONGRATS on the continued weight loss, Pat!

Second . . .OMFG what is that green blob on the wall?!? Please don't tell me poo! HAHQHAHAA

Marcy said...

But thanks for thinking of me ;-)

Pat said...

It's a hole in the wall. Actually, it was a pretty clean storage closet/bathroom. Just really narrow.

Jeff said...

Pat -- looks like you're really hitting in on all cylinders. Way to go on the dedication.

Do you have any events coming up?

Nat said...

Too funny... defnite Marcy shot.

Congrats on the weight loss. :)

Hoping to hit to old normal soon.

M*J*C said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Congratulations, you are doing awesome!!!
Best of luck to you!

Michelle J said...

Hi Pat, nice to meet you!!

My pumpkin bread came out nice and yummy! I eat it slathered with almond butter! It's goooood!!! Not too sweet but perfectly seasoned!!

I love your blog..Congrats on your weight loss. My running helps me with that too. I lost just about 30lbs in 1 year. I hope to keep it off too.

So, its 44 degrees right now and i am off for a run!! Brrrrr!

Have a great day!!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Keep on running......

J~Mom said...

Nice job!!!