Sunday, January 07, 2007

Celebrity Look A Likes

I found this website that will do some analysis of your face and come up with celebrity look a likes for you. I don't know if it is real accurate, but it's fun. Especially when it says you look like James Bond.

Jan 6th run: 3.7 miles at 12:24 pace. Time, 46:01. I ran in a new place. The ASU Research Park is only a mile from my home and it has three lakes with asphalt paths around each. It was very nice, with other runners, walkers, dogwalkers, bladers, etc. And no traffic. The lakes are not connected, so you do have to do some cross country over the roadway to get to each lake or you can just stay on the path for the original lake you start on.


Spark Driver said...

Some of those celebrity faces are pretty scary.

The ASU Research Park sounds cool.

J~Mom said...

The look alike thing is cool, I will check it out!

I am jealous that you have so many nice areas around you to run. I can pick between the dairy farm or the dump. LOL Actually the dump is going to have some new trails opening soon.

Nice job getting out today!

J-Wim said...

That was fun! I'm down with any site that tells me I look like Elle McPherson!