Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Half Marathon Official Results

It's still a Personal Record:

Bib FName Age Sex ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl pace
39364 Pat Monahan 45 M 2:51:35 3:20:20 14413 6339 816 13.05

The official numbers aren't as good as I remember. But that's ok because it's not about the number, as much as it is about the experience. And the one thing they can't change is that I covered 13.1 miles. Except for the corner I took on the inside of the cones. But, hey I also ran on the outside of a few corners too.

Notice the difference in chip and clock time. That means, for anyone that hasn't run a chipped time race before, that I didn't pass the start until 28:45 after the gun sounded. So, when I started the leaders where around mile 5 or 6. It would have been a better race, if I would have gotten the 6 mile head start.

Running: Yesterday was a rest day. I'll run a bit later today.

John "The Penquin" Bingham: He's got a column in Runner's World and I've read his book, "The Courage To Start" His big motto is, "The Miracle isn't that I Finished, The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start".

TnT had him speak at REI last night. About a dozen of us were there. I expected to see a table with books, tapes, marathon info and other stuff to buy. John shows up with none of that. He didn't push anything. He mentioned his marathon in Tucson. He answered all our questions and was very cordial.

At the end, TnT held a raffle for two free entries in the Valley of Gold Half Marathon that is to be run on 3/18 in Tucson. He drew the first number and then said, "what the heck, let's let everyone go for free". They then passed out about a dozen free entries. Thanks, John.

I planned earlier in the day to run this race, so the entry fee waived is a great deal. I'm excited.


J~Mom said...

I am so jealous!!!!!! Meeting with The Penguin in a small setting like that must have been so cool and free registration to boot!! That is the HM I am training for as well!! I can't wait.

Pat said...

If I had know it was not going to be filled with TnT runners, I would have told you. Sorry. Maybe we can do a pasta dinner the night before. I'm thinking it will be a nice weekend get away for my whole family.


J~Mom said...

Oh gosh, no need apologize!! I am really thinking hard about joining TNT for next years PF Changs so I will be in on that fun stuff soon enough! ;>)