Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Girl Scouts

It's that time of year that the Girl Scouts are out selling cookies in Arizona. My daughter has for the past 6 years or so. I was even the cookie mom two years. If, the girls are selling in your neck of the woods, please buy some. It's a great cause. If, you're not eating cookies this year, have the girls donate your purchase to a retirement home.

My daughter has baritone practice on Wednesdays at the high school. So, today I dropped her off and ran in the neighborhood near the school. She told me that when she goes to that school next year as a freshman, I'm not allowed to run near it. Teenagers!

My run was 5.08 miles in 58:11 for a pace of 11:26. I felt great. I only walked once at the 2.5 mile mark for 1/10 of a mile to drink some gatorade. I could have run more, but the baritone lesson was over and we had to get home. It was in the low 60's and sunny. A wonderful day.

So, I'm thinking about running the half marathon at the Lost Dutchman race on February 18th. About one month after the Rock and Roll Half. Is that too soon? Then I want to run the half on March 18th in Tucson. Is that too often? I feel great and I was even thinking about running a half every month this year. Is that too crazy? Let me know what you think.


J~Mom said...

I didn't know you had a girl scout as well...what a small world we live in. :>)

I don't know about both of the HM, it sounds like a lot but it also sounds like you are in fantastic running condition. Hopefully some of the others will know for sure.

I can't make it to the 5K because of a soccer game. Big bummer, that run looks like so much fun!! I hope we can catch some other small race soon!

Do you have a Costco membership? They have a coupon for $30 off the Garmin. I don't think it's expired yet.

Keep up the great running!!

Firefly's Running said...

Oh my, Pat! I love Girl Scout cookies myself as a former Girl Scout should. Bring my Tagalongs and I will be VERY happy!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I don't think those races are too close.

and I love THIN MINTS!!!

J-Wim said...

LOL- I would be hard pressed to stay away from the high school - I live right next door! So, I am content to smile and wave as I run down the street, greeting all of my sons' friends and their parents as they drive by and honk. I am sure it would embarrass them to death to know it, just another service I have to offer......