Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Run after HM

I left home figuring I would do what ever my run dictated. If I walked 2 miles and went in that was ok. I could feel the lingering effects of the half in my upper thighs. My feet felt fine, but I think it's time to replace my insoles. The Spenco's have lasted over 400 miles and have done well by me. My heart rate averaged 152, topping out at 161.

My time? 5 miles in 58:05 for an 11:35 pace. I did turn it up a couple times getting my pace down to about 8:30, but could only hold that for about 30-40 yards each time. I can't wait until I can run sub 9 minute miles.

Thanks. I wanted to thank all of you that have supported me by reading this blog. I really like that I have a wide range of people that visit and leave their 2 cents. If you don't, please do I always like to hear opinions, comments and whatever. If you have a question about running, ask. If I don't know, I'll mention it in a post and I'm sure one of my readers will know.


RunnerGirl said...

I am so happy for you Pat! It was a blast meeting you and Amy!

I hope to catch up with you guys during another run someday!

Vic said...

You continue to improve and run strong, Pat. Keep up the good work.

J~Mom said...

Great job on the recovery run!!

Irene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You did great for your first HM! Congratulations! I've noticed that you mentioned one of my favorite quotes from John Bingham. I love that quote.

Happy running!

Phil said...

Great job getting out there and running so soon after your very first half marathon. I was a mess for days after my first long race. Very impressive