Friday, January 26, 2007

Weight Loss

Here's a great article about a man that lost half his body weight.

CNN Article
I get all choked up when I read about great victories like this. One of the things he mentions is to list all the things you cannot do because of your weight and then when you reach your goal, go and do those things.

I plan to start that list. Now he was 500 pounds and I am 229 pounds, so the things I can't do may not be because I can't fit, but because I can't do them well. But, none the less I will make a list.

So, far:

Run a Marathon
Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Fit into 34" pants or maybe smaller
Ride a horse (this maybe for the horses benefit)

Soon, I will add to my list. If anyone has any ideas to add to my list, please feel free to let me know.

My Weight:
Last June I weighed 257 pounds. That's about the highest I've ever weighed. On December 1st I weighed 234.1 pounds, a loss of almost 23 pounds. Now I weigh 227.5. Almost 7 pounds in about 7 weeks time and half of that was this past week. I knew I would just try to maintain thru the holidays. That stretched out to until the Rock and Roll Half marathon. Now it's time to shed some pounds and get my weight under 200. Well maybe after lunch, my wife just suggested we go to Someburros for lunch. They have this chimichanga to die for. It is huge with sour cream on top, rice and beans on the side. Hummm, I bet they might just have something low cal too. So, what do you think? Will I eat the Chimichanga or be good and eat something healthier with none of those free chips.

Latest Runs:
Thursday I ran a 59 minute and 23 second 5 miler in the neighborhood. It was great weather. 63 degrees, sunny and I got to wear shorts and a tee. I really like running in shorts instead of my sweatpants. My first mile was in 9:59. It tied my best mile ever back in November. I then ran 2 miles in 22:30, 3 miles in 34;30, 4 miles in 47:30 (another PB). I did do a bit more walking than I would have liked. I believe the bit of sluggishness I experienced was due to the fact that this was the second day in a row of running. I'm trying to run every other day with a back to back mixed in during the week. A run like this is good for the soul.


Black Knight said...

First of all congrats for the "another PB". You are doing very well to win the fight against the weight. The cross training also help a lot. We need a running desert defender motivated and you are!

Firefly's Running said...

Great job on the weight loss. I LOVE Don Pablos myself and usually have their awesome torilla soup by the bowl - which unlimited and more healthy than some of the other food options as well as nice alternative to stay warm. I ended up having a daquiri and some guac for the free chips with it. Yummmy!

RunnerGirl said...

Congrat on the weight loss Pat! That is awesome!!!!

Your list is really good and actually very resonable. I like that you have such a good head on your shoulders.

You know, I took get teary at victory stories. I love reading blogs of fellow runners, and when they recant their latest runs, especially races, I cry at the raw emotion. This is something that running brings out in us.

It is funny how so many view running as a "true" athelete's sport. Like we should maybe not be doing this because we are not the fastest or the most efficient. That fear of rejection or laughter is what keeps running in larger races to such small numbers.

But to experience first hand the feeling of training for and finishing those races - bar none the best feeling on earth.

You can run that marathon - and you will get into that pant size, Pat!

Thank you for being an inspiration!!!

J~Mom said...

Pat, congrats on all of your weight loss!! You are doing awesome!!

Thank you also for the tip on the Garmin refund, DH got me the 301 though. So far so good with the 301. I thought I would test it for a week and so far no lost satellite signals.

Mmm....I love Someburros. I hope you had a good dinner!

bigmike600 said...

As a person who went from 400 pounds to 225 where I am today, I can really relate to this guy. I know the embarassment and the hiding out and eating for no reason. You keep running and the weight will come off. Congrats on the running and the PR.