Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Canal Run

I parked in the parking lot in Dobson Ranch that I ended my run the other day. It's on the canal that runs just south of Guadalupe road. From there I ran west for 2 1/4 miles to Rural road. The canal is very straight, loose gravel without much to look at. But, there's no traffic and just a major road each mile to cross. Here's a picture of the canal at the highway. The water has to go down under the service road (Price) and then pumped back up to the surface. Here's the dam on the west side of the highway and the water is really moving.

I ran a total of 4.68 miles in just over an hour. I started around 7:45 am. The first two miles went well. After that I did a lot of walking. It was getting hot (low 80's) and I'm just not good with the sun broiling down on me. I have a 5k race this Saturday morning. I hope I can get a bit more indurance built up, so that my time is in the low 30's. Luckily the race starts at 6:30 in the morning.

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