Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kevin's Last Walk

You never know when your life is about to take a turn. Great news comes in the mail. A call comes in the middle of the night. You wake to planes crashing into high rises. Some news is good and some news is bad.

And in between life goes on. You do your runs or swims. You hike or bike. Those miles add up for your personal health, both mind and body.

The Adkins family found themselves at such a point. Their son Kevin died at age 18. The family made the turn and made the hiking mileage about something more than just fitness.

I encourage you to read their story of a journey from Arizona to Montana. A journey to save lives. Or as Barry Adkins says, "something very good will come from this".

The Cost of Running:
Estimated purchases of my running since June, 2006

New Balance 857's - $95
New Balance 857's - $55
Asics Kayano 13's - $140
3 pairs of inserts - $51
2 pairs of running socks - $10
McDavid Knee strap - $18
2 pairs of runner's shorts - $40
2 pairs of runner's sweats - $30
3 tech shirts - $60
Body Glide (3)- $30
Heart Rate Monitor - $69
Nike Plus monitor - $30
Ipod Nano - $140
Nano cases (2)- $25
Entry Fees (11)-$275
ARR Membership - $20
Gatorade & gels - ???
Headset - $20
Runner's World Magazine $15/year
Running Books $250
Garmin 305 $169
Pepper spray $12

Total: $1556.00


Amy said...

Wow - thanks for sharing. I couldn't stop reading his story.

J-Wim said...

Well that really hit home. Thanks Pat.

Anonymous said...

I am the guy who walked from Gilbert Az. to Kalispell Mt.

Kevin's Last walk was truly a journey of a lifetime!

Thanks for writing the blog about Kevin.

I am always interested in hearing from individuals who have been impacted by Kevin's Last Walk.

You can contact me an kevinslastwalk.org and select "click here to contact"

thanks again and best regards,