Monday, June 11, 2007

Dobson Ranch to the Canal.

Didn't get up to run in the cool morning. So, instead of running when it was in the low 80's, I ran when it was 95 degrees and sunny. Yes, 95.

As my daughter was participating in the Mud Pie Mania at church, I took time to run. Mud Pie mania is basically playing with food like this slippy slide covered in tomato sauce, catsup, mustard and water. That's my daughter in the orange.

I passed on the condiments and ran south along the lake, past the ducks to the canal. Most subdivisions in Arizona do not have lakes. It just happens that the one's with running paths, tend to have water to look at too. Dobson Ranch has mutliple lakes with paths and is on the north side of a canal. So, for runners you have 1.5 miles of paths heading toward the canal and miles and miles of canal to run on. I could have gone west all the way to Kiwanis Park or east all the way to Freestone Park in Gilbert. When it's 95, I chose to run to the canal and back for 4.6 miles in about an hour. A good workout.
See the Ducks? I had to lay down for this shot. It's amazing I got back up.

There's some nice homes on the lake. Not sure why this pic is soo dark.

The canal to the south. The power lines aren't nice to look at, but the path is well groomed.


J~Mom said...

Hey, you took a picture of my house. Next time stop in for coffee. ;>)

Eww...mud pie mania....

Nice run!

J-Wim said...

In our area, the geese and ducks are becoming a problem - they are all over and they leave their mark everywhere. Hope you watched your step snapping that picture! :-)