Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Twelve Oaks

I like communities that have biking/running paths. Twelve Oaks is a subdivision in west Chandler, Arizona that has the nicest treelined path that stretches from Stellar Airpark to the West Chandler Aquatic Center and to a canal. This morning I did my run, intending to do a 5k. I park in the center of the community and headed west toward Kyrene Boulevard. Here, I was planning to turn around until I saw a gravel road next to the aquatic center. Being adventuresome, I ran past the sign that said private property (I think it was for the fenced field, not the drive) and ran outside the fence of the Bark Park, past the baseball fields and to the end of the road.
Park Path
The road lead to a canal that will lead you to the community of Gila Springs (pronounced HILA) I'll have to run that part of the canal on another day. I then headed onto a really nice gravel path that winds around the ball fields. I looped around this park that has the aquatic center, bathrooms and probably showers. Made my way back to Twelve Oaks (there are a lot of trees, not sure if they're oaks) and retraced my steps back to my car.
Stellar Air Park
I ran past my car. The path is concrete with lots of grass on either side. But some of the trail is surrounded by gravel. You have to go over several neighborhood roads, but there's not much traffic. Kyrene Road was the only busy street (it goes to the highway). As I headed east I past a middle school with a track.

Middle School Track
There's a fence between the path and school, but if you run to the east ball field, you will find a gate big enough for one person. You won't be able to get a bike through it. I ran further east until I arrived at Stellar Air Park. Stellar is a residential community with a small air field. Many of the homes have their own hangers, so pilots can land and taxi home.
If you'd like to do this run. Go to the corner of Rural Road and Chandler Boulevard and turn south. The turf area directly in front of you has a road on it's west side (right), go to the end of that and park in the shade. You'll have about a half mile of path going east and 1 mile of path going west. If you go over Kyrene Road you can run for another 8/10 of a mile by running on the outside of the park perimeter. Or you can run north on the canal and run 2 miles to Ray Road though Gila Springs Subdivision.
What a fun run. It was 85 degrees, but I had a cool breeze the entire run. I did stop and take lots of pictures, so my time isn't great. 4.07 miles in 55:37.


Firefly's Running said...

Great run, Pat!

J-Wim said...

I don't know how you can run when it is so hot. I'm sweating and needing a Gatorade just thinking about it.
Nice pictures. I didn't realize Arizona had trees. I thought they were called cactuses.