Saturday, June 23, 2007

A new workout

First I spent 40 minutes in our pool running. I got my heart rate up around 106, with an average of 95. We have a in ground pool that is 3-4 feet deep on both ends and about 5 feet in the middle. It's about 20 feet long. I ran along the perimeter until I started getting blisters. I'll have to get my water shoes for the next time I run in the pool.

Since I couldn't get my heart rate up much in the pool, I ran 2 miles in the 100 degree weather at a 12:20 pace. The running got my HR up to 164 with an average of 145. Much better.

It time to fess up and get your opinion. For the past two months or more I've been walking much more than I used to. I can run the first mile in a little over 11 minutes. After that I run maybe a half mile and I end up walking again. The rest of the run I'll run from .4 to .6 of a mile before I walk. My run to walk ratio is about 60/40. Maybe 70% running. I can remember running 5 milers before with only 1or 2 walk breaks of 1-2 minutes.

I'm not sure the reason.

1. It could be the heat.
2. It could be mental. I have a football mentality where you only need 10 seconds bursts of power, not slow and steady for an hour.
3. It could be that I'm up about 5 lbs and the extra weight is having an effect.

Any opinions would be appreciated. The good thing is I'm not letting it get me down. I'm still enjoying my workouts and feeling like I'm improving.


J~Mom said...

Nice job on the pool running! I have actually heard that you can wear an old pair of tennis shoes right in the pool! Maybe you should do that instead of the water shoes.

About the walking..I really think it's probably the heat. It has just zapped me out the last few times I have run in it. I would try not to get too worried about it for now and then just try to cut back the walking when you start your marathon training this fall.

I am in the exact same boat and I just am going to do my best to keep the walks to a minimal until it cools down. When I did my last long run back in early May I ran 7 miles and only walked about 30-60 sec at the end of each mile.

Here is my response from your question on my blog:
How did you know I just finished Pam's book? ;>)It's interesting...motivating for sure! Yes, I hope to be at the ARR at Kiwanis. I haven't decide about the 4th though but I am leaning against it as we have family stuff that night and I don't want to be a grouch-LOL

bigmike600 said...

Sounds like the heat might be a factor. I am like you and I always want to run my fastest all the time but I heard that if you slow it down (heart rate in the 130-140 range) it really helps to keep the walking down. You will feel like you are going sssoooooo slllloooowww but over time, it really helps. I know it works for me and then when I race, I feel light on my feet. Good Luck and remember where we started. This is all icing on the cake brother. Try to keep it in perspective and stay cool.

Martijn said...
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Dan Seifring said...

Pat I would say #1 and #2 could be the two reason's. Bottom line you are out there working hard. Keep up the great work.

Katie said...

I agree with it probably being mostly #1 and maybe #1 is causing a little of #2. I am personally the kind of person that can't get started again after stopping to walk, so I applaud you in being able to keep your runs going. During the summer I need to adjust the times of my run to stay out of the heat or I run a mile or two and go kapoot.

Firefly's Running said...

It's the heat definitely. Your body is trying to protect itself from overexertion.