Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Sunset Run?

No, I didn't run anywhere near this picture. I just thought you might be tired of looking at canals. I did read a great blog. Jeff, from Baltimore just started his, but he's lost well over 100 pounds so far and has some very good posts. Check it out and give him some props, he's done a hell'va job.

You know I'm a baseball fan. My three favorite teams are the Reds (hometown team), the Diamondbacks (I live in Arizona) and the Yankees (you gotta love an owner that puts winning ahead of making money). Well, the Dbacks and Yanks are playing each other over the next three days. Both teams really need to win. I'll enjoy the games (diretv), but not sur who I should root for.

The following picture is for Jeff from Baltimore. Don't hate me for likeing the Yanks.


Jeff said...

Pat --

Awesome blog. What a great accomplishment, not only to get running, but to chronicle it this way. Congrats on your races and your weight loss.

Can't thank you enough for the props on my blog. It's been a rewarding experince sharing my thoughts with the world.

Love those vintage O's cards. Yes, I too am a serious baseball fan. Just wish the O's could get out of their way enough to just break .500. Tough division to be mediocre.

L'Chaim! (check my my blog tomorrow for an explanation!)

Irene said...

Thanks for sharing the pic from the other blog! Beautiful! BTW, you do take some great pictures!

J~Mom said...

Thanks for the link to Jeff's blog...very inspiring!

bigmike600 said...

I second the thanks to the link for Jeffs blog. He has a similar story to me. I ran today with temps in the high 80's and it was hot. I can see now why you run after the sun sets.