Saturday, June 23, 2007

Katie in Baltimore

I've been reading Katie's blog off and on for almost a year. She's done a wonderful job of losing weight. She did it with something called "The Firm". They were so impressed with her that they had her come out when they made their new info mercial. I'm watching it now. She's supposed to be on it. She's lost 80+ pounds.

Congratulations, Katie.

Steve Getting Fit in Ohio is a new blogger that I have added to my favorites. Steve's where many of us were in the beginning. I'm partial to folks from Ohio, so check out his site and give him his props (that's what the young kids say).

Bigun in Florida is a tri-athlete and is pretty funny. I think I'll monitor his blog. You should too.

Matt in Iowa is a bit further along than Steve. Check out his blog, especially if you've forgotten the joy of running when you first started out.

I've read a lot of what Obrats has written in Runner's World Beginner's Forum, now I'm reading his blog. He's well ahead of me, has lost a bunch of weight and his blog is a great read.

Another guy that's shed some weight is Jeff in Maryland.

These are my new favorites. Of course, I encourage everyone to read them and all my old favorites on the right side of this blog. All of you encourage me to run my @ss off.

Finally, if you haven't checked out Athlinks, you should. You can be a member for free and it's a pretty cool website. You can track races that you have been in (there already on the website) and races that your friends have been in. Check out these two links:


Pat's Athlinks Data

Book Reports: I just added "Running with the Legends" and "Pre" to my book reports. If you would like to add a book report, I'd love to have it in my collection. Just send me an email with your report and a picture (if possible) to You'll get credit for the report and a link to your blog. Or if you just want a good running book to read, you'll find a short report here: Pat's Running Book Reports.

Softball Update: We played the first place team last night. They score about 17 runs a game and we held them to 9 runs thru 5 ininngs. Going into the last ininng (6th), we were down 9-6. I led off with a single and moved up to second on a bad throw by the right center fielder. I, eventually scored in front of two other team mates to tie the game. A fourth team mate got thrown out at the plate on a really close play for the final out. In the bottom of the ininng we got two outs, but a runner scored before we could get the last. So, we lost 10-9 and now have 3 wins and 3 losses with one game to go before the tournament. Game time temperture was in the high 90's, maybe 100 on the nose. The sun was down, so it was a great nite to play softball.


bigmike600 said...

Pat I personally have to thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful blogs to read. Everyone you suggest always makes me go back and continue to read. Thank you and run you a#$ off. Matter of fact go now (unless there is a good ball game on)

Pat said...

You caught me. I was watching the Giants/Yankees game. I ran in the evening when the temps came down. It was only 100 F.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Pat! Hope you got to see me. I am on in the beginning, so if you miss the first 5 minutes you miss me, lol.