Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baseball, Cricket & Running

Baseball & Google Earth quiz: In the above photo, you can see the runner almost to first, whom did he hit the ball too? You can click on the photo to enlarge.

I ran last night and again this morning. Just a short run before church. I ran 2.09 miles and finished in our park. I felt more tired and I'm assuming that was because I ran last night too.

In the park their were some men playing cricket. I don't know anything about cricket, but it was interesting to watch. Might be fun to play sometime.

Run: 2.09 miles
Time: 27:23
Pace: 13.07
Consecutive Days: 19

It's Hall of Fame Day in Major League Baseball. To all those Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr fans, congratulations. Baseball doesn't have enough men like these two.


Dan Seifring said...

I would say the ball was hit between 1st base and the picters mound. Picter fielded it and threw him out at first.

Fran said...

My first guess would be to the 2nd baseman since the 2nd baseman seems to be way out of position. If the ball was hit to the left side, the pitcher would be running towards first to cover the bag in case the 1st baseman had to field the ball. But looking in more detail, the shadow of the first baseman suggests that he is oriented more towards the pitcher than to the 2nd baseman so I would say that dan above is correct.

Randy said...

I think Dan is correct too.

Pat said...

Dan, that's what it looks like to me too.