Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maps, Graphs and Running

When you like maps, graphs and running a garmin 305 is the ultimate toy. I'm looking at the garmin training center, motion based and sporttrack's various websites to log my information. All three have free websites and motion based has an upgrade for a monthly fee.
At first I thought sportTrack was lacking, but once you really look at all their features and click on all their carrots you see they give a lot. The picture above is one view of their software. Of course, motion based has a lot too, but they only keep your last 10 runs available. I'll keep playing with each website and make a decision later.
Ran the neighborhood tonight after my daughter's volleyball game. I'm one of the coaches and I was very pleased with our team. We played with only 5 players, one short of what we needed. 3 girls and two boys. And we won. Ate some watermelon and headed home. Oh yeah, the run.
2.4 miles around the neighborhood in about 30 minutes. I tried to stay around an 11 minute pace for the first mile, but my heart rate still climbed over 160. Then I tried to run at a 12 minute pace, but my heart rate still climbed over 160. In this heat, I might have to run 13 minute miles to keep my heart rate down.

12 Consecutive Days


Mom tried decaf once said...

Pat, You are getting so fancy with the graphs! That is so cool!! I love to look at stuff like that as well.

We were right at Warner and Rural...right by Scottsdale Running Company. As I am sure you guessed from my post they had world class service.

I can't wait for the race in three weeks! I know you are shooting for your PR but I will see you and Phil afterwards!

Great job on your run!

Randy said...

Congratulations on your daughter's win. And that was a great run in my opinion in the intense heat. I don't know how you guys run in that heat, my heart rate would blow thru the roof I am afraid...guess that makes the winter time running fantastic though.

I like my Garmin 305 too, and all that I get from the training center they offer. I was using Motion Based for a while but have gotten away from it because you can only track the last few runs as you mentioned. I'll have to visit sporttrack and see what they offer...How do you post your screen pages here like you did in this post and the one before it? My email is if you care to answer back there.

Keep up the consistent workouts Pat....we need to rename you Mr. Consisent.