Saturday, July 14, 2007

Splish Splash

I got another pool run in after my road work. 45 minutes of running in place. I got my HR up to 103 average and a high of 115. This was after a 1.72 mile run in 102 degree weather. I ran 1.5 miles straight (which is longer than I have done this summer)and then after walking the next .22 miles realized I was done. I was a bit dizzy and when that happens I call it a nite. Tired legs and exhaustion I can take a walk break, but I don't like dizzy.

I read that a pool run is like running with half your weight. If that's what it feels like to run at 115 pounds, I want to lose more. I like pool running. Now I have to set up a TV and VCR on my back porch so I can watch baseball while I run. That's heaven.

Rubber Band Ball: I started to making a ball out of rubber bands. Each day I run, I add one rubber band to the ball. I have 3-4 bands and it doesn't look much like a ball yet, but some day I expect it to be huge. I'm calling it the Arizona Republic Rubber Band Ball, since they provide me with one rubber band every morning with my newspaper.


Jeff said...

Very cool idea on the rubber band ball. Imagine, some day you'll be telling a report from the Republic that the 8 ton ball in your front yard is from their news papers and the 4793 runs you've done since 2007!

Something to look forward to!

Keep it up!

Jeff said...

By the way, thanks for the advice on the shoes and inserts. I only have about 150 miles on the current pair and given the very sudden onset of pf, I suspect it's not the shoes, but I will check out the inserts.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Pat, you crack me up. I love the rubber band ball. Yes, it would be nice to run at 115. I don't think I will ever know what that feels like though unless I get a pool.

Ok, I am going to do the 5K!! BUT can we set our goal at 33 minutes? Do you think we can do 3-11 minute miles? Let's have that be our tier one goal and then tier two will be between 33-35 minutes and we would be happy with anything under 36. :>) I think I might be able to do 11 minute miles the first two and then see what we can do for the last mile.

I will let you know about breakfast...I may have to get home to the kiddos but we will see if I can twist DH arm to meet us with them. :>)

I am looking forward to the run!

J-Wim said...

It took me while to figure out what was in the picture...... I won't even tell you what my guesses were!
Cool idea.