Saturday, July 28, 2007

Only in Arizona

do you get excited when it rains. So, after dinner I strapped on my garmin and went for a run in the rain. The cloud cover made it impossible to find satellites, so I ended up taking off the garmin, strapping on the old HR monitor and running without my favorite accessory. The rain stopped quickly, but it was still cooler than it has been of late (low 80's). It felt great. I ran for 4.4 miles in a little over 57 minutes. Not a blistering pace, but enjoyable non the less.

I ran past restaurant row and boy did that smell good. Arbuelo's Mexican Kitchen, Olive Garden, Red Robin, Baja Fresh, The Elephant Bar, Pampadoro's, PF Chang's and a few other restaurants. I didn't run past the meanest dog in the land. After I was done, I got on Google Earth to map my loop and find out my distance. GE updated the photo of our area and it is awesome. Our home is the one to the left of the pin with the pool and the Honda Pilot in the driveway. It's an amazing photo. You can even see the pool vacuum hose in our neighbors pool.


Mom tried decaf once said...

You are making me hungry listing all of those places to eat! Yummy! Great job on your run!!

bigmike600 said...

Please tell me what version of google earth you downloaded? I did the free one and my zoom in is not as clear as yours. Awesome looking. I want to see my house like that and when I tried, it was all fuzzy. Nice work on the exercise streak.