Sunday, July 08, 2007


I usually run flat routes. Here's the elevations of some of my latest runs. This first one is the Winton Woods Lake run I did in Cincinnati. You can see the elevation is lower than Phoenix and the change in elevation is 166 feet. For a better view you can click on the run name and then on the elevation icon which looks like a rising lightingbolt.

This next one is the Happy Hollow route I did in Indiana. It had a change of 222 feet. With over a mile of uphill straight.

Finally, my Desert Breeze route that is near my home. Over 1100 feet in elevation, but only a 10 foot change.

And my wish list is:
  1. Garmin 305 GPS system
  2. water bottle/ fanny pack
  3. Coolmax hat


J-Wim said...

Are you trying to say hills are not your friend yet?

RunnerGirl said...

Hills rock! Come up to Farmington Hills and I will show you what real hills are!

Congrats on all of your runs Pat!!! You are doing awesome!