Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Hollow Park

On Monday, I ran the trails at Happy Hollow Park. It's a park in a ravine near my mother in laws home. I could run directly from Cathy's house to the park. Downhill to the far end of the park and then back uphill. This trail is about 1 1/2 miles long and about 1 mile of it is uphill.

It's a mixture of dirt, chip bark and asphalt trails. The picture above is a short segment of dirt trail. It took me 10 minutes more (54 minutes and some seconds) to do this four miles. First, my wife said the trail head was at the top of the hill behind the elementary school. I spend some time looking for the trail head there. Finally, I asked another runner and he directed me to another entrance. The elevation change was 222 feet. It went from 550 feet to 700 feet in about a mile.

As you can see, it had lots of shade. Very different than running in Arizona. The asphalt trail was very wide and in great condition.

Of course, this is vacation. Before the run our family spent time at the swings and slides at the bottom of Happy Hollow Park and then we went to McCords Candies in downtown Lafayette, pictured above. It's a great old tyme ice cream parlor. I had a sundae and considered it carb loading before my run.


Dan Seifring said...

Nice job Pat keep logging those miles.

J~Mom said...

That path looks way too inviting!! I am jealous for sure of that shade!

RunninRobin said...

Wow what a breathtaking run!!!! That must have been awesome. Glad you are having a great time :)