Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do Not Read Pokey's Blog

So, on Saturday morning Pokey (Karen), Jody and I are running out front. Pokey gets a little tired and falls off the back of our pack. Jody and I keep running and then we hear screaming in the back. I figure that Karen, Caroline, Kristina and Candace are having a really fun time.

No, Karen is getting attacked by a bumblebee. I hear her yell, "I'm getting attacked". I thought it was by one of the stray cats we often see. She catches up to us with not a cat in sight. I still don't know about the bumblebee.

So, I use the analogy of the lion that catches the weakest wildebeest. I called all of us wildebeest, not just Karen. So, don't read Pokey's blog. She's full of stories. Watch the youtube below and you get a feel for our run.


wmd said...

Now I have to go and read her blog just so I can hear her stories.

Thanks for checkin out my blog... I love reading your!

Jeff said...

Too late. Ha ha! More bees!

Marathoner in Training said...

I am sorry, I have to read her blog now. Your post is like a big invetation to read hers.

Pokey said...

You are a bad, bad man.


Pokey said...

Youre just scared of my revenge, aren't you??