Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mad Mud Run

I'm looking for teammates for the Mad Mud Run in Scottsdale. It's November 22nd, a Saturday and well before Turkey Day. We need a team of 5 runners to do a 5 mile course.

Who's In?







Nick's wife?

any kid over 12 can even do it.

Let me know.

Does anyone have this problem? You leave a comment, then you hit the back button, then you have to hit the authorization button and then the back button to get back to your list of blogs to read another one? I do. I don't do the readers, because I like to see your whole blog and not just the post. So, I finally switched my comments to show in a pop up window. Now, if you have the same problem, you just have to click on the X. And you never have to type in a bunch of crazy letters to authenticate. Customer Service, it's what I'm about.


J~Mom said...

You are killing me...I totally want to do that mud run but I will be in Tucson riding 109 miles....gah!

Darrell said...

Who doesn't love a good mud run.