Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slept,Ate, 8, Ate, Slept

Softball ended around 10:30 last night. As I was driving home I knew I was going to be waking up in 6 1/2 hours. 5 am came and I got up rather easily. I actually woke up a few minutes before the alarm sounded. Went into the kitchen and fried me an egg and slice of ham. Read the paper and got ready for my 8 mile run with the Tumbleweed Running Club.

I had to find a pair of my trusty running socks first. Under 6 miles and I wear any cotton socks. But, over and I need to find the socks that won't hurt my feet. It's hard to look thru your sock drawer and not wake your wife, but I managed to do just that.

I got to Tumbleweed first. I'm always first. Then Karen pulled in. There were a dozen cars already in the lot, so some other running group must have started before 6 am. Then, Caroline pulled in with Kristina and Candice. A new lady. Like we don't have enough of them already (just kidding). Then another car with another lady, Jody. Five ladies and me. It's the biggest turnout we've ever had for TRC.

Introductions were made, but I it was early. I'll get the names later, I promise. A great bunch t0 run with. We all ran in the 11-12 minute per mile range and had a great time getting to know each other. First we ran north on the canal for 2.79 miles. Not counting time under the highway when garmin shuts down. Stopped at the gas station and turned around.

Once we were back to Tumbleweed, Karen and I ran around the park. I needed to get 2.5 more miles in. Karen was a bit under the weather, so she got another mile in before calling it quits. I ran on. Got my 8 in barely.

Then I stopped at McDonalds and treated myself to a second breakfast. Did you know they have a sausage and egg mcmuffin for a buck? I got two of them and told them to keep the muffin part. Lots of egg and sausage and I had a propel (just 3 carbs) to go with it.

I stayed up til noon and crashed for two hours. My feet are pretty tender and I was pretty tired.

Thanks ladies for keeping me company. It was a great 8 today.

Another Blog
I really like the city daily picture blogs. You can pick almost any large city and find someone that will post a picture each day about there city. The lady that does Chandler, the town I live in has been AWOL since early August. So, since I'm a Realtor and I think this would be a great way for someone to get to know my town, I now do the daily photo for Chandler. Check it out and let me know you've visited. You should consider doing one for your city.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the run. Even nicer job not waking the wife. I wasn't so lucky this morning.

Irene said...

That's pretty neat about the city pictures. Have you checked out They do something similar.

That's a good idea about the sausage and egg McMuffin. I go sans bread all the time for burgers but I never thought to do it for their breakfast sandwiches. I'll have to try that sometimes.

By the way, after you mentioned In 'n' Out burgers w/o the bun, I went and got one. :)

Pokey said...

Thanks for a great run today Pat!!

I actually got the 8 miles I was psyched!! I think I walked about half of the remaining mileage, and *shuffled* around Tumbleweed for the rest. But I was still moving....and not it was all good.

I looked for you...but no luck ;( I did see you cutting across the field on your way back to the car, but I was already pulling away. I am just thrilled that we got the miles in today!!!

As for you and all the women...whoa! We really gotta find you some other men to join TRC ;)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only guy on the planet that runs with a bunch of other women...not that I'm at all embarrassed it gets quite comical at times...great run....

Nat said...

Ok, so I finally put it together. You are Karen's Pat... oooooooooh....

Sounds like a good gang of folks to be running with.

ChiChi said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I will take a look at your experiences ;)


Reinvented said...

Sounds like a great run Pat! I need to find a running group where I live. It sounds like it provides a lot of motivation.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jeff said...

I'm thinking running your next blog renaming should be "Running with Chicks!"