Sunday, September 14, 2008

PR's and Races

One of the neat things about RunningAhead, the website that I keep track of my mileage on, is the ability to see my PR's. You can click on the photo on the right to see them too. Those are all races, except for the virtual mile I ran the other day.

I plan to do a mile race on my own every other week or so. A year ago I ran a 5k and the first mile was in 9:19. Not sure whether to consider that my PR or not. Hopefully, I'll be under that soon anyway.

My race schedule calls for the AirForce Anniversary 5k down in Tucson this Saturday and there's a Race Judicata on Sunday that I can run. It's a 5k and a mile run. It's a smaller race for those in the legal profession, but anyone can run in it. I'll decide Sunday morning whether I am running the mile or the 5k.

100 Pushups
I finished the first two weeks of the 6 week program to 100 pushups. After week two you do a test to see how many pushups you can do in a row. I did 20 pushups, up from my initial test of 10. Not anything to write home about (but I sure can blog about it). Today was week 3, day 1 and I did sets of 15/12/12/10 and a final set of 15. All according to plan.
Atkins Diet
I started on August 16th at 235 pounds. I've done really well on it. Now, 29 days later I weigh 222. 13 pounds less. No cravings. No ice cream. No candy. It's a pretty easy diet to do, since I love red meat, chicken, cheese and salads. I, also, eliminated diet coke from my diet and haven't missed it much. Yesterday's run of 6.74 miles went well and I didn't feel extra tired because of the lack of carbs.


Cheryl said...

Way to go, Pat! Good work on the Atkins plan.
I read this and went, whoa, that's what I need to do! I was doing so well for about 6 weeks this summer, and now am falling apart. Craving and devouring Diet Coke and all kinds of sweets. Yuck. Must Get Back On Track.
Send a little willpower this way, won't you?

Jeff said...

That's awesome, Pat. Glad to see the pounds are flying off and the miles are piling up.

Running Knitter said...

Good luck on your 5K!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Sounds like you on course for 100 pushups my friend. I gave up softball for reasons like the one you mentioned. I found that my reflects weren't as fast as they used to be.

Irene said...

I'm sort of doing the 100 push ups challenge with a friend. Considering how many people CAN'T do a single push up, 20 in a row is great. Not only will you be working on your upper body, but push ups work on your core muscles, too. Nice job, Pat!