Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Daily Intake

On Eric's blog you can see what he ate yesterday. Just 1225 calories. So, I got to thinking I should post what eat typically in a day. I'm doing a low carb diet, so I don't even keep track of the calories. I just make sure I don't eat over 20 grams of carbs. And I do that loosely.

For Breakfast:

Two eggs fried with cheddar cheese and two sausage links.


Blue Diamond Almonds - Lime N' Chili flavor. Water.


Burger from In and Out. No bun. Ice Tea.


more almonds. String Cheese. Water


Four slices of ham. Green Beans (half can). Salad w/ hard boiled egg, cheese, Ranch dressing.
Ice Tea.

I started the low carb diet at around 235 pounds. In a months time I lost 15 pounds. Since I was running two races this past weekend, I decided to carb up some. So, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I didn't worry about the carbs. I gained four pounds.

I'm now at 224 and getting back into ketosis, so that I can get my weight heading downward. I read an interesting article about Dean Karnazes diet. He eats all kinds of junk when running his ultramarthons, but in between he eats a low carb diet.

TriFuel interview with Dean
Chow interview with Dean
Wired article about Dean
Runner's World article about Dean's Neandrathal Diet

Great Run Tonight
I ran to the lake and back tonight. On many runs I try to hold off on the first walk break for as long as possible. This time last year I was running up near 3 miles before a walk break was needed. Tonight I was at 1.84 miles and that is the highest I've been in awhile. I still walked 30% of the distance and I want to get that down to 5% or less.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I've read about Dean's diet and it's so interesting. He is a real stickler with what he eats...until a race or long training run. Then he'll eat the strangest stuff ever.

Keep to it and you'll keep taking the weight off.

Irene said...

In and Out burgers, protein style is my favorite!

Now I really want one...

You're doing great!

Marathoner in Training said...

Thanks for the callout. You are doing great, just keep it up. As for writing down what we eat, it just makes us rationalize it a little bit before we consume something to know that we are going to write it out.

Pokey said...

Pat, you are doing great!

Nice job on the run too....I need your help this season to cut out the walk breaks ;)