Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's a beautiful day at 6 am.

I don't get to say that too often. Karen, Caroline and I meet at Tumbleweed Park to run a bit up the canal and back. I haven't run in the morning since the Rock and Roll Marathon. It was wonderful. 80 degrees and a bit overcast. We ran 2 miles up the canal and turned back. I tried to keep us on a 5/1 pace, but in miles 3 and 4 we ended up doing a couple 2 and 3 minute walk breaks. Karen was the strongest runner today and she wanted to get an extra mile in afterwards, I ran with her for a bit, but realizing I was going to slow her down I let her go on her own.

But wait, there's more. I got home and looked at my front yard. Good thing we don't have an HOA or I would have gotten a notice about weeds awhile ago. So, since it was still cool (low 80's) I pulled and hoed all those weeds right out of the ground.

I'm sure when Amy wakes she'll make me a cake. I got this at Cakewrecks, a very funny blog about professional cake decorators.

But wait, there's more. I didn't want to wake Amy with the lawn mower (I'll do that later), so I'm now blogging and getting my push ups done. Today calls for one set of 11, then 9, then two sets of 7, then one set of the most I can do, which today is - 15 arm burning, light headed, almost perfect form (butt's a tad high) pushups.

Want to hear how my favorite triathlete did. See her story on her blog. Oh, this is the short version, she must have slept in this morning. No wonder, we didn't see her at The Tumbleweed Running club kickoff this morning.


Running Knitter said...

Great job on your run. I love now that the mornings are getting cooler and we can start enjoying running again.

Pokey said...

Oh Pat...gimme a break :) We were ALL strong runners this morning!!! Not bad for a group of summer slackers, huh?

I feel great today...I really love the Saturday morning group runs!! YIPPPEEE....Fall running is about HERE!! :)

Thanks for keeping us on task this's not an easy feat when youre running with chatty women :)

Jeff said...

Awesome run, Pat. I've been anxiously awaiting the return of the TRC. Love trying to figure out who's really slacking by comparing you varied blog posts.

Pat said...

Jeff, I'm the slacker these days.

J~Mom said...

Awww...I miss the TRC!! I hope to join you soon! This weekend I will be off cycling 60 miles while you are running! I will think of you though!

Thanks for the shout out! :>D