Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tyler's Run

I'm going out of town in October and I always look for races in the places that I visit. The hard part is that we usually travel on Friday or Saturday, so I have to find a race on the first Sunday or hope for a holiday in the middle.

Here's what I found. The Battleground 5k in Battleground, Indiana on the 4th. We get into Indianapolis at 1 am that morning. I'd have to drive straight to the race. Not going to happen. I'm willing, but my wife and kids aren't. It would be a cool race, as it takes place where William Henry Harrison fought the Indians. The Battle of Tippecanoe.

Then I found the Kraut Route 5k in Newport, Kentucky and Tyler's Run in Harrison, Ohio on the 11th. We fly out of Indianapolis on the 11th in the afternoon. The Kraut Route is in conjunction with Octoberfest across the river from Cincinnati. It would be another great race. But, it starts at 10 am and makes getting to the airport in Indy problematic. Tyler's Run is closer to my folks house and starts at 9 am. It's in a state park and my son's name is Tyler so the tee will be cool.

It's a fund raiser for SIDS, which is a great cause. This might be doable.

If I get this run in, it will be my 30th race ever.

5k: 18

10k: 3

4 miler: 1

Half Marathons: 6

Full Marathons: 1

Now, that I am doing a race named Tyler, like my son; I should also do one for each member of my family. My race is easy, I can do Pat's Run in Tempe. I'll have to find an Emily's Run and an Amy's Run somewhere.


Chad said...

Running races named for the members of your family sounds like an awesome idea! I've never hear of that before.

I'm the same way. Anytime I travel, I look for races. I've done the 4th of July 10k back in my hometown so many times they think I'm a local.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I look for races also, but typically end up sleeping in and not making it. Glad to hear that you looking for races, which means you're running good.

Marathoner in Training said...

Congrats on approaching 30 races. Also I think we all look for races where ever we travel. Keep it up.

Darrell said...

The run for Tyler sounds great, espcially in OH. Run a couple of steps for my Tyler, too.