Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The past couple days have been humid. At least as far as AZ goes. 60% compared to 20-30% that I am more used to. Because of this, my running times haven't been so hot. Four miles in 53:53 on Monday and 54:23 on Tuesday. At first I was dissappointed with my Monday time. Searching for a reason, I came up with the humid weather. Could this be the reason why I gained a bit of weight too?

So, chime in and give me some 'words of wisdom'.

Which is harder to run in, higher tempatures or higher humidity?

Does higher humidity cause your body to retain water and therefore add to your weight?

I'll have to do some research, but I would like to hear from anyone with an opinion.

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Katie said...

Very good questions Pat. I have never thought about the humidity causing you to retain water, but I imagine it is possible. High humidity interferes with your bodies ability to sweat. If you have I think it is June, July or August's issue of Runner's World it is dedicated to running in high heat and humdity and is a really good read. I always have a drop in my running pace when the heat and/or humidity go up.

Javamom said...

Hmmm...good question. I actually thought I ran better last night in the humidity. It was definately better for my asthma which flares now and again on the really dry days. Wish I knew the answer.

Thanks for stopping by my blog..I didn't know I had it locked up so tight that no one could find it. I was checking out the settings and figured out I took it off the listings. Anyway, thanks for checking it out!


Phil said...

Hi Pat .. it isn't a matter of heat or humidity, rather it's the combination of the two that get you. Your body uses the blood supply to cool off the body, the higher the temperature or humidity the harder the body must work to keep itself cool. This is blood that isn't available to bring oxygen to your muscles.

Don't sweat the weight gain. My weight bounces up and down 3 pounds during the week. It's just a matter of hydration. Don't be too worried about it. Keep up the aerobic exercise you're doing and the weight will come off. Make sure you are getting most of your calories from carbohydrates and cut back on the fats. You will succeed.

JustJunebug said...

Yes humidity does have an effect on your weight. i have read that countless times.

Being here in Houston, we deal with high humidity basically all year round to some degree, but from June to basically October its the most brutal. Our temps are in the 90's with the humidity levels right about the same especially in the morning.

I think higher temps with low humidity is AWESOME...

Running Jayhawk said...

share the humid weather.


we're freezing our buns off here in Chicago!!!!!!!