Thursday, October 12, 2006

PR's, PR's, PR's

What a great run tonight. I usually take walk breaks when I run (no, walking isn't cheating). Usually, it's whenever I feel I need one. Which means the first one is too late and the rest are too often. Tonights plan was to take two per mile for just a minute each. The first one was at the corner of Florence and Ross, the 2nd one at the corner of Lisbon and Genoa, the 3rd one at the corner of Drake and Monterey and the last one at the corner of Monterey and Harrison. That would finish my two mile loop and then I would do it all over again. It all went as planned the first two miles and I ended up setting a personal record (PR) for the first mile of 11 minutes even and tieing a PR for two miles at 23:17. My third mile was at 12.49 and the fourth at 14.33 for another PR for four miles at 50:42.

I finished with standing knee deep in my now cold pool for 10 minutes. I guess you could say that's an Arizona Ice bath.

Wildlife in our community: I run in a very residential neighborhood. We don't have woods anywhere near us, but we do have a neighborhood skunk. I saw it last night, but it was no where to be found tonight. Poor thing. We have pretty sturdy garbage cans, so I don't know what it's gonna eat. Maybe it's someone's pet. I hear they can take away it's stink glands (I don't know what the glands are called).

Tomorrow's a cross training day. That's what I call playing softball with the gang. Then on Saturday I have practice with Team in Training (TnT).

Chicago Runners: Althought I'm not running in the upcoming marathon, I hope the weather gets better. I saw snow in Chicago today. Isn't it funny when you become a runner, you start watching the marathons like it was Super Bowl Sunday. Good luck in the Marathon.


Vic said...

I've got a bunch of friends running Chicago. I'm kind of getting excited like you said.

Great PR's. That was an awesome first mile. Now I've got to do another one better than 11 minutes. You could probably do sub-11 minutes no problem if you were doing a mile time trial.

Javamom said...

Your training is going awesome! I like the Arizona ice true!

Pat said...

javamom, do you have a running blog? I'd love to read it.