Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stretching it out

Since I haven't run since Friday due to the turn around trip to Magic Mountain, I decided to do my long run on Monday. I did the same 2 mile loop in my neighborhood 3 1/2 times. I officially went 7.2 miles in 1:39:45. That's the furthest I've gone to date. It's also the longest time I've been on my feet.

The half marathon will be 13.1 miles and I will probably be on my feet from 2.5 to 3 hours. A typical training program will have one day a week in which runners will stretch out their mileage. It's called a Long Slow Day (LSD). The strategy is to run slowly for a longer distance. Usually 10% longer than you ran last week. Then a few weeks before the marathon you tapper or reduce your mileage to rest up for the big day. I would like to do a couple 13+ milers before Christmas.

My knees are aching this morning. Whenever, I stretch out my distance I usually ache a bit more than usual. Today is no different. But, I'm not hurt. They say the rest days are when your muscles are growing. Today will be a rest day.

NRR (Not running related): Magic Mountain was great. I got to ride some of the roller coasters with the kids, but since I was there as a caperone, I also spent some time doing smaller rides and games with the kids that were not into doing every roller coaster imaginable. The food was less than good. So, I didn't hurt my diet any and I did do a lot of walking too. The bus ride was pretty quite. But, sleeping on a bus is difficult none the less. We managed. Emily, my daughter had a great time, as did, all of her friends.

Fund Raiser: The fund raiser for the Leukemia Society is going great. Everyone has been very generous, but I still need more donations. In my attempt to get a donation from every state, I have gotten four states. Katie (a fellow blogger) gave $5 from Maryland. I don't know Katie personally, but she had done a wonderful job with her running and diet. If you want to see some amazing before and after pix, go see her site. She's also great with advice. I, have also gotten a donation Jerry Sappingtoon from California. Not sure how he found my blog, but I do appreciate it. If you don't know, I am trying to get donations from all fifty states. I am, also trying to get a total of $1700 in donations for the Luekemia Society. To date we have $411. My wife, Amy has been wonderful in helping to get funds. I may be running, but she is diffently helping big time.


Vic said...

WTG, Pat. 7.2 is a respectable distance. Keep working. You're doing great

Phil said...

Nice job stretching out the mileage Pat ... just watch the knees. Besure to ice them after these longer runs to cut down on the swelling. You already know to take a rest day or two after a hard workout to let your body recover.

You're making great progress.

K80K said...

Way to go on the long run Pat! And thanks for the shout-out. :)